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“Take one part brilliant-scientist-gone-rogue, one part revenge-thriller, and one part snarky-narrator-with-everything-to-lose, mix them together, and you’ll get Always Adam.”

***** Meredith Rankin, GoodReads 

“Always Adam is a book that demands attention because it is clever, relevant and while there are parts that incredibly complex, it is well worth the effort to untangle because this is a story that packs a punch.”

**** Rowena Andrews, GoodReads

“More twists and turns than you would find on a ‘Snakes & Ladders’ board.”

**** Amanda, GoodReads 

“Always Adam is full of scientific knowledge that Brumby has eeked out into a delightful tale of intrigue and the impossible.”

**** Kimberly, GoodReads 

“I love a story that hooks me immediately and Always Adam did just that.”

***** Sharon Rimmelzwaan, GoodReads 

“Jeeeez!! What an absolute whirlwind of an experience! I never knew I needed a book about biotechnology in my life, but this has just blown my mind.”

***** Emily Quinn, GoodReads 

“An intriguing read about biotechnology that will draw you in.”

***** Jacqueline Ellison, GoodReads 

“To combine the worlds of journalism, finance and biotechnology into a fast paced thriller takes real skill. Mark Brumby has a fluid style that provides insights into what can be challenging areas but makes them clear, engaging and provides surprises to the end.”

***** Peter Linacre