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How do you stop a biotech billionaire armed with a virus, a vaccine and a vendetta?

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Welcome to my MARK BRUMBY author website. Thanks for dropping in. I am the creator of Adam Reid, a man you’ve never met before but all of us have a little bit of him inside us. What do I mean? Watch the video below and then read ALWAYS ADAM to find out more. Check out what others have said about the book. 

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Surprises to the end

“To combine the worlds of journalism, finance and biotechnology into a fast paced thriller takes real skill. Mark Brumby has a fluid style that provides insights into what can be challenging areas but makes them clear, engaging and provides surprises to the end.”

Peter Linacre


Intriguing read

“An intriguing read about biotechnology that will draw you in.”

Jacqueline Ellison

Absolute whirlwind

“Jeeeez!! What an absolute whirlwind of an experience! I never knew I needed a book about biotechnology in my life, but this has just blown my mind.”

Emily Quinn


Hooks me immediately

“I love a story that hooks me immediately and Always Adam did just that.”

Sharon Rimmelzwaan


Tale of intrigue

“Always Adam is full of scientific knowledge that Brumby has eeked out into a delightful tale of intrigue and the impossible.”



Twists and turns

“More twists and turns than you would find on a ‘Snakes & Ladders’ board.”



Demands attention

“Always Adam is a book that demands attention because it is clever, relevant and while there are parts that incredibly complex, it is well worth the effort to untangle because this is a story that packs a punch.”

Rowena Andrews



“Take one part brilliant-scientist-gone-rogue, one part revenge-thriller, and one part snarky-narrator-with-everything-to-lose, mix them together, and you’ll get Always Adam.”

Meredith Rankin